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On our site you can view videos about the work of our community. Also on the page are interviews with the heroes of the Resistance and reports on their exploits.

Alley Quant


Evgeny Dotsenko

My grandfather, Evgeny Dotsenko.
Interview with S.O. Gordienko


Ivan Bashkatov - 100th anniversary

On August 22, 2021, veteran Ivan Alekseevich Bashkatov celebrated his 100th birthday. Ivan Alekseevich Bashkatov (August 22, 1921 - October 20, 2021) - Russian veteran, participant World War II and Resistance Movement, who lived in Belgium.

75 years of Victory. Unique story of veteran Ivan Bashkatov

Ivan Bashkatov. Series of interviews


Resistance movement in Belgium. Reporting by Vesti, Russia 1.


Immortal Regiment, Liege, Belgium.
May 6, 2018