Heroes of the Resistance Movement in Belgium

On our website you can see archival photographs of the heroes of the Resistance in Belgium, as well as read articles about their lives and deeds.

Articles are presented in Russian and French.

Gvozdarev Alexey Petrovich  (1912 -...)
Гвоздарев Алексей.jpg
Гвоздарев Алексей_портрет.jpg
Dremlyuk Dmitry Andreevich
Дмитрий Дремлюк.jpg
Lipatov Vasily Petrovich (1921-2003)
ФАЙЛ 6.tif
Talda Vladimir Feoktistovich
В. Талда.png
Terekhov Ivan Alexandrovich
ФАЙЛ 10.1.jpg
ФАЙЛ 10.jpg
Cherepanov Mikhail Ivanovich
Черепанов Михаил Иванович-мой дед.jpg